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Mike Rogers Warns of Potential Threats in Russia-China Cyber Pact

Rep. Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers has revealed that the May 8 cyber pact between Russia and China indicates a move toward an alternative Internet and poses a threat to online freedom, The Hill reported Tuesday.

Cory Bennett writes that the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee told his audience at a recent Hudson Institute event that the countries’ plan for cyber and technology cooperation could target “innovative economies” worldwide as well as local dissenters.

“I think this is a huge, bad step for the Internet and economic prosperity on the Internet moving forward,” Rogers said.

He added that China and Russia could also create an alternative Internet that they will export to developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia and use to control global access to those regions.

Sean Lyngaas also reports on FCW that Jason Healey, a senior fellow for the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council, indicated that the threat of Russian action to retaliate on the West with disruptive cyber attacks is a “real possibility.”

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