Mina Hsiang: USDS Applies Big Data to Healthcare.gov User Experience

DataGraphicMina Hsiang, health data lead for the U.S. Digital Service, has outlined how the team used big data tools to change the user experience with Healthcare.govite, Fedscoop reported Thursday.

“It was a huge consumer-facing effort to engage people, and there were a few different, interesting opportunities to use data to improve that,” Hsiang told an audience at MarkLogic‘s Data Innovation Summit, according to the report.

Billy Mitchell writes that Hsiang described techniques such as user funneling, which helps identify where users are encountering technical challenges when they navigate Healthcare.gov.

She also noted that the use of predictive analytics and third-party credentials drives service efficiency and user convenience.

“All of the things we’ve outlined are tremendous opportunities to make people’s lives easier, but we should be transparent as government,” Hsiang added.

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