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Ray Mabus: Navy’s ‘Hatch’ Platform Opens Collaboration on Innovation

Ray Mabus
Ray Mabus

The U.S. Navy has unveiled a virtual collaboration platform where personnel can submit or refine ideas for innovation within the service and improvements to processes and services.

According to a release published Wednesday, the Hatch platform works to leverage crowdsourcing as part of efforts to develop a Naval Innovation Network.

“The Hatch enables us to connect innovators locally,” said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

“We have the opportunity to receive and share innovative ideas at the right level to get solutions to problems people encounter every day.”

The Navy said the Hatch also expands on the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations‘ program for reducing administrative distractions.

Collaborators will need to create an account to participate in the Hatch forum, and they can also receive recognition under a rewards or incentive program, the service added.

The evaluation process for the submitted ideas is under development by the NIN working group.

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