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Raymond Gamache: Naval Research Lab Could Deploy New Body Armor in 2016

ArmyChopperRaymond Gamache, a lead scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory, has said the lab could deploy a new body armor for soldiers in 2016 after two years of development, DoD News reported Friday.

Gamache, the research physicist who oversaw the armor’s development phase, exhibited a fabric for the torso and an insert that locks up during impact at the Defense Department’s first Lab Day, Terri Moon Cronk reports.

He said the armor is designed to help minimize impact from bullets by protecting the torso and spine from damage, according to the report.

Gamache said the new armor is about two pounds lighter than existing materials, the report says.

He explained that the insert is made of interlocking pieces of boron carbide and silicon carbide, DoD News reports.

“You can twist and turn, but you’re always going to maintain the same protection against bullets,” Gamache said.

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