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Reuters: FAA Plans to Test Beyond-Line-of-Sight UAS

droneThe Federal Aviation Administration plans to test beyond-visual-line-of-sight unmanned aircraft systems in collaboration with service providers and UAS builders in an effort to expand drone applications, Reuters reported Friday.

David Morgan writes the FAA’s partnership with industry is meant to develop commercial BVLOS drones for various uses such as package delivery and property monitoring.

The FAA is expected to outline plans for the partnership next week with the goal of minimizing risks associated with commercial drone usage, the report says.

The FAA is also finalizing new rules within the next two years intended to ease the ban on commercial drones, Morgan reports.

Reuters reports that companies could also obtain approval from the FAA to operate commercial UAS under specific circumstances while the new regulations have yet to be completed.

A beyond-line-of-sight drone is designed with a built-in camera to aid in avoiding objects along its route.

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