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Robyn Greene: Privacy a Concern Over DoD Cyber Strategy on Info-Sharing

cyberSome analysts are wary of a provision in the Defense Department‘s new cyber strategy that could enable the U.S. to share information with foreign militaries, Defense One reported Friday.

Patrick Tucker writes that according to the strategy, DoD can share potential data collected through the proposed Cyber Information Sharing Act with allied and partner militaries to build situational awareness.

Robyn Greene, policy counsel for the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, told Defense One that she believes CISA and similar bills have few limits on how shared information will be used.

“This authorization would not just seriously undermine Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights… it would create an expansive new means of general-purpose government surveillance.”

She said limits on what kind of data can be shared and on types of liability protections could work to ensure data privacy amid information-sharing mandates.

Tucker reports that other measures to detect potential threats while protecting data include monitoring the behavior of administrator accounts.

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