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Sens. Booker, Hoeven Propose Interim Safety Rules for Commercial UAS

acquisition policySen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) have introduced a bill that establishes a framework for innovation and interim guidelines for commercial unmanned aircraft system operations.

An announcement posted Tuesday on Booker’s website states that the proposed Commercial UAS Modernization Act will include safety rules for small commercial UAS flying in U.S. airspace and provide the Federal Aviation Administration flexibility to amend the final rule.

“We’re on the frontier of a whole new era of aviation, when remotely piloted aircraft will improve crop production, provide valuable aid for first responders and even deliver packages to our doorstep,” said Hoeven.

Booker noted that the proposed legislation will serve as a foundation to speed up U.S. innovation in the field of UAS technology.

The announcement indicates that the interim rules will apply for the period before FAA finalizes its own commercial UAS rules and include the appointment of a deputy administrator position within the agency to oversee the integration of UAS in commercial airspace.

“This legislation is essential to ensuring our legacy as a country that leads the globe in technological innovation,” Booker said.

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