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Transition Delay Could Lead to IANA Contract Extension

cybersecurityThe Commerce Department could extend the contract over the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers as the U.S. government needs more time to transfer IANA control from the National Telecommunications and Information Agency to a global team of technology stakeholders, FCW reported Wednesday.

Adam Mazmanian writes the transition is less likely to complete on Sept. 30, which is the expiration date for the current IANA deal that ICANN holds.

The Domain Openness Through Continued Oversight Matters Act of 2015 sponsored by Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., could further delay the transition for up to a year until the Government Accountability Office comes up with an assessment report of the possible implications of IATA devolution, Mazmanian reports.

Shimkus and other DOTCOM Act sponsors have expressed concerns over the possible influence that foreign countries like China and Russia might have on international stakeholders that could take control of IANA once the transition takes its course, according to the report.

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