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Travis Taylor: Army Explores Nanosat Tech for Communications, Imagery

satelliteThe U.S. Army has completed initial tests on a nanosatellite developed by the Space and Missile Defense Command – Tech Center to provide voice and data communications coverage for soldiers deployed to remote areas.

David Vergun wrote in a story the Army published Thursday that Travis Taylor, senior scientist for SMDC’s space division, said the SMDC Orbital Nanosatellite Effect nanosatellite will operate similar to a cellphone tower in supporting communications.

Taylor told attendees of a Lab Day at the Pentagon that the first SMDC-ONE is already operational in space and will be followed by three more within the year.

He noted the Army plans to eventually launch a constellation of the SMDC-ONE nanosatellites as well as demonstrate imaging nanosatellite technology, the report said.

Taylor also described how the service is working to develop a way to launch the nanosatellites to space and place them into low Earth orbit.

“We’ve had many would-be users tell us that if they had this, they’d use it tomorrow, so I think the odds are good this will be something we see in the future,” he said.

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