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U.S. Digital Service’s Vivian Graubard Outlines USCIS Changes to Immigration System

cloudThe U.S. Digital Service has collaborated with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to help USCIS adopt a cloud-based platform to process immigration requests and introduce an electronic filing system for the I-90 application form used to replace or renew permanent resident cards.

“An immigration application can cost over $400 and take six months to process,” Vivian Graubard, founding USDS member, wrote in a White House blog posted Thursday.

“This poses an interesting service design question: how do we modernize a service that millions of people interact with, and make long-term, high-impact change at scale?”

The transition to the public cloud was the first step, followed by real-time application monitoring and the hard-launch of the electronic filling of the I-90.

USCIS also introduced myUSCIS, an online portal that enables users to gain information about the immigration system, in collaboration with the 18F digital service agency within the General Services Administration, Graubard said.

She later urged software engineers, system administrators, product managers and other experts to join USDS and impart their skills to help further modernize the country’s immigration process.

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