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USSOCOM’s Matt Atkins: ISR Sensor Demand Poised to Grow

NavyC5ISRThe U.S. Special Operations Command has developed an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance roadmap as part of efforts to improve how the command gathers, transmits and exploits sensor data, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Col. Matt Atkins, head of the command’s intelligence directorate, told a National Defense Industrial Association conference SOCOM is interested in technologies that reduce costs and manpower requirements for processing and exploitation tasks, Joe Gould reports.

He said he expects the demand for ISR sensors that function in cluttered environments to grow, according to the report.

“The reality is the environments we operate in are the ones found all over the world, particularly the crappiest places, and those are the ones that will continue to present the biggest technical challenges,” he told the conference.

Atkins also noted a growing demand for ISR platforms that are interoperable with international partners, according to a National Defense magazine report.

Atkins suggested that transactions for acquiring ISR platforms should incorporate intelligence sharing agreements, Jon Harper reports.

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