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Army’s Osie David: New Warfighter Navigation System Aims for Less GPS Reliance

WINSOsie David, a researcher with the U.S. Army’s communications electronics research development and engineering center, has provided details about how the Warfighter Integrated Navigation System operates.

David said the navigation system allows soldiers to view their location despite loss of global positioning system signals due to interferences in the environment, the Army said May 22.

He explained during the DOD Lab Day on May 14 at the Pentagon the process of transitioning the WINS technology to the Army when development of the tool is completed.

“It’s got a number of inertial sensors, such as a pedometer and an accelerometer, things you will find on your cell phone but of a higher quality,” David said.

“Even if the enemy is denying you GPS or the terrain is, you can still get known location on here so it will show up on your Nett Warrior device or your command and control system,” he added.

David said the system also gives details of margin of errors as its capabilities degrade in time.

“After a time, it’ll show you a circle radius for the error range,” he said.

David said he expects the Program Executive Office, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare and Sensors to receive the WINS engineering specifications by 2017.

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