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Coast Guard Unveils Cyber Strategy for Maritime Domain

cybersecurityThe U.S. Coast Guard has developed a new cyber strategy in support of the service’s efforts to integrate cyberspace as an operating domain for the maritime mission.

Stephanie Young writes in an entry posted Tuesday on the Coast Guard blog that the strategy will provide a framework and establish priorities for cyber activities over the next decade.

“We’re applying our existing authorities and skills to meet demand in emerging domains,” Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft said in remarks at the strategy’s rollout Tuesday.

“While cyber certainly poses a number of unique risks and challenges, I am confident that we can meet them in a way that benefits the marine industry, protects privacy and maintains the safety and security of our maritime environment.”

According to the report, the Coast Guard’s three strategic priorities cover measures to defend cyberspace, enable cyberspace operations and protect the maritime transportation system and infrastructure by identifying and addressing risks.

Young writes that the Coast Guard cyber strategy aligns with the overall cybersecurity plans of the Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security.

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