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Erin Thede: US Army Reserve Works with Private Sector to Build Up Cyber Forces

cybersecurityErin Thede, director of employer partnership office within the U.S. Army Reserve, has offered details of how the Reserve trains cyber forces who will work for the U.S. Cyber Command in an interview with Federal Times published Saturday.

Thede told Federal Times’ Amber Corrin the Reserve is collaborating with the private sector to build up the cyber operators through training, deployment and leadership programs.

“So, what we did was we started working with six core universities, which are the University of Washington Tacoma, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, University of Texas at San Antonio, George Mason University, Norwich University and Drexel University,” she told the publication.

Thede said the reservists would undergo cyber operations training during their weekend battle assembly on top of their daily field assignment, according to the report.

The Reserve also works with the National Security Agency, Cyber Command, Army Cyber Command, Cyber Center of Excellence at West Point and the Army Cyber Center of Excellence in Georgia to set the training standard, Thede told Corrin.

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