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GAO: GSA, Pentagon Fail to Share Data Over Vacant, Underutilized Spaces at Military Bases

GAOThe Government Accountability Office has found that the General Services Administration and the Defense Department fail to share information with regard to underused and vacant workspaces that could be occupied by non-DoD agencies at military installations.

GAO said in its June 18 report that both agencies may be falling short of maximizing the use of government real property and reducing the costs for their clients due to lapses in information sharing.

According to the audit agency, all seven of the military bases reported that they use the DoD guidance to choose the appropriate real estate instrument when they grant the use of partially vacant and unutilized spaces.

GAO also found that these facilities consider space availability and effect on the mission as some of the factors they consider before they assign the use of space to non-Pentagon federal agencies.

The agency also noted that non-DoD entities are more likely to experience financial benefits when they set up offices on a military base than acquiring space through commercial leases because they are being charged by the department based on cost recovery.

GAO recommended that both agencies work together to enhance data sharing to improve the use of government-owned property and leverage resources.

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