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Kenneth Todorov: MDA Shifts Focus to Laser Weapons, Electronic Warfare

StockMissileLaunchMDABrig. Gen. Kenneth Todorov, deputy director of the Missile Defense Agency, has disclosed the agency’s plan to shift its focus to other weapon systems such as lasers and electronic warfare, Breaking Defense reported Thursday.

Todorov told a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Air Force Association that he believes the MDA’s missile defense strategy has become unsustainable in light of the enemies’ growing arsenals of missiles, Sydney Freedberg reports.

He said that beginning in fiscal year 2016 the MDA would reduce acquisition of ground-based interceptors and focus its investment in research, development, testing and evaluation efforts, according to the report.

“There’s a lot of efforts in directed energy,” Todorov told the meeting.

He added that the agency also intends to build space-based sensors in the future, Breaking Defense reports.

“Persistent tracking and discrimination, that’s what we would like to see eventually,” he told audiences at the meeting.

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