MeriTalk Study: Defense, Intell Agencies View Small Cloud Funds as Migration Obstacle

cloudA study by MeriTalk says Defense Department components want to transition more than half of their information technology applications to cloud infrastructures by 2020.

MeriTalk said Wednesday it polled 150 IT professionals from DoD and the intelligence community and found that lack of funding, integration, requirements development and implementation are the primary obstacles to the agencies’ cloud migration plans.

Fifty-two percent of respondents believe their agencies should build new cloud computing systems, while 18 percent said they prefer transitioning legacy agency apps to the cloud over building new ones.

“Tight budgets require tough decisions – agencies must prioritize apps that will move the needle rather than just batting down the low-hanging fruit,” said MeriTalk founder Steve O’Keefe.

“Building new will allow them to drop a lot of legacy baggage for greater agility,” O’Keefe added.

The survey also showed that defense and intelligence agencies analyze their IT security posture, assess computing, network and storage requirements or evaluate workloads to identify which cloud approach is best for a specific app.

General Dynamics unit was the underwriter for MeriTalk’s research.

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