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Michele Flournoy: Immediate Deal to Undo Defense Budget Caps Unlikely

Michele Flournoy
Michele Flournoy

Michele Flournoy, a former undersecretary of defense for policy and one-time candidate for the Pentagon’s top post, believes a congressional deal to remove defense spending caps is unlikely to happen soon, DoD Buzz reported Wednesday.

Brendan McGarry writes that Flournoy told reporters at a recent event that the current defense budget plan in Congress and the use of emergency war funds to cover the shortfall in the base budget do not address sequestration concerns in the long term.

“I’m hopeful that in the next two to three years, we will come to our senses and conclude some kind of budget deal that allows us to spend what we should be spending on defense,” said Flournoy, who is currently CEO of the Center for New American Security and a senior adviser at Boston Consulting Group.

She also noted that many NATO countries, which are supposed to allocate at least 2 percent of their gross domestic product for defense, also fall short of meeting the target.

“I think the real growth in defense markets is happening in Asia and the Middle East, more than in Europe or the United States right now,” she added.

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