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NGA Deputy Director Susan Gordon Issues Acquisition Reform Challenge

Susan Gordon
Susan Gordon

Susan Gordon, deputy director at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, has urged the agencies to test new acquisition models in a bid to improve public service in both timeliness and relevance.

In an open letter to NGA employees sent June 1, Gordon said a flexible framework for the agency would offer room to grow more efficient in processes to handle paperwork, and technology and business innovation.

She indicated that this could be achieved if the agency uses existing resources such as enterprise licensing agreements and Small and Medium Business Administration programs.

“American national security requires that our national security bureaucracy outperforms the pace of the threats our nation and our allies face. Our enemies do not pause to accommodate inefficient processes,” Gordon wrote.

“It is our responsibility to keep abreast of new acquisition processes and find ways to leverage innovation to accelerate the accomplishment of our mission,” she added, noting that the mission “always comes first” and “does not wait.”

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