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Obama Signs USA Freedom Act for Gov’t Surveillance Reforms

DataGraphicPresident Barack Obama has signed the USA Freedom Act as part of efforts to reform government surveillance and data collection activities and also restore three counterterrorism provisions of the Patriot Act, The Hill reported Tuesday.

Julian Hattem writes that the new law puts restrictions on the authority of the National Security Agency and other agencies to collect telephone records and similar information in bulk.

Obama passed the law, which also includes new measures for government transparency, shortly after the Senate voted 67-32 to send the legislation to the president.

Dustin Volz, Sarah Mimms and Lauren Fox also report for National Journal that the bill’s passage in the upper chamber followed delays due to extended deliberation on some expired parts of the Patriot Act and amendments put forward by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Supporters of the USA Freedom Act believe it will put back in place civil rights that were affected by federal intelligence powers agencies received after 9/11, the report said.

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