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U.S., Japan Outline Cyber Defense Strategies

cyberThe cyber defense policy working group of the U.S. and Japan has issued a joint statement that outlines both countries’ views on cyberspace and the strategies they intend to adopt in order to address threats.

The threat landscape continues to expand with the growth of sophisticated non-state and state-sponsored cyber attacks against critical infrastructures, according to the statement released May 29.

The Defense Department and Japan’s Ministry of Defense plan to consult with one another when a cyber incident arises and use all channels to address the attack.

The DoD and MOD also believe in implementing “appropriate staffing and resourcing levels based on analysis of their respective missions in cyberspace,” the statement says.

Japan intends to collaborate with other government agencies to address various threats that target the Asian nation’s critical infrastructure and services supporting the Japan Self-Defense Forces and U.S. Forces Japan.

Both nations also view information sharing as a critical step in responding to cyber attacks.

“The MOD and DOD are already using and refining existing channels to share cyber threat and vulnerability information and best practices,” the statement says.

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