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Air Force Builds Web Tool for Drone Data Exchanges

droneA group of intelligence personnel with the U.S. Air Force has secured the Military Achievement Award from the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation for the development of a Web-based application designed to facilitate data sharing between unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Surveillance Intelligence Reconnaissance Information System is designed to help pilots, firefighters and intelligence personnel detect and respond to threats via remotely piloted aircraft to share mission planning data, videos, signals intelligence and weather information using Google Earth program and an Internet browser, the Air Force reported June 26.

“We found out young airmen and even the pilots were hampered by existing technologies that did not permit a shared intelligence picture, limiting the ability to collaborate with each other,” said Col. Frances Deutch, Ph.D., director of the Air Force’s intelligence innovation programs.

The military branch said the Human Factors Development group at the Air Force Research Laboratory worked to improve the capability of SIRIS by directing the Internet Coordinate Extractor platform to focus on Google Earth alone instead of tracking multiple chat rooms.

The move has resulted in threat warnings being displayed on a single computer map display, the said.

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