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Australia Launches 18F-Like Digital Services Office; David Hazlehurst Comments

digital governmentThe Australian government has launched its own digital services office with an annual budget of nearly $95 million to migrate public services to digital platforms, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

Hallie Golden writes the Digital Transformation Office adopts a set of hiring processes from the General Services Administration’s 18F.

Digital Transformation Office acting CEO David Hazlehurst told Nextgov the office plans to hire individuals from the public and private sector.

DTO’s objective is to develop digital tools with an agency using agile methodologies and share the result with other Australian agencies, according to the report.

“If you’ve done it once and you’ve created something — the sleek user experience — why would you recreate it again, when you could just use the same code, package up the [application programming interfaces] in a similar way, and then go from there?” Hazlehurst told the publication.

Based in the Australian capital Canberra, the office plans to expand into Sydney and Melbourne, according to Hazlehurst.

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