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Cyber Guard Exercise Seeks to Prepare Gov’t, Industry For Cyber Attacks; Kevin Lunday Comments

cybersecurityThe FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Cyber Command held a three-week exercise in Suffolk, Virginia to train and help military, government and industry institutions protect data infrastructure from potential cyber attacks.

At least 1,000 computer network operators and cybersecurity professionals from military branches, government agencies, enterprises, academic community and foreign organizations participated in the Cyber Guard 15 exercise that started June 8, DoD News reported Wednesday.

Delegates rehearsed responses to simulated network attacks and heard lessons related to shared situational awareness during the event that concluded on June 26, according to the report.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. Kevin Lunday, director of training and exercises at Cyber Command, highlighted to DoD News his views on what he called “synergy” between the government and private sector and the involvement of U.S. allies during joint operations.

“Most critical infrastructure in the United States, particularly in the information technology area, is owned by the private sector,” Lunday said.

“So we rely on them, particularly when we are responding to a major incident or attack on the private sector.”

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