DARPA Hackathon Features Exercises in Analytics, Anomaly Detection; James McColl, Justin Lanahan Comment

cybersecurityThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has conducted a cybersecurity exercise to develop methods for analyzing a network and identifying anomalies.

Capt. James McColl and Capt. Justin Lanahan joined the hackathon from July 20 through 24 in Arlington, Virginia, part of DARPA’s Plan X program, the U.S. Army said Tuesday.

“The overarching idea for the week is ‘big data analytics,'” Lanahan said.

“The data we have been given is what they call ‘net flow,’” he added.

“It tells us what the IP address was, the destination where that packet was going, how big the packet was, and the time that it happened, for instance,” said Lanahan.

Lanahan, McColl, and other participants worked to examine the net flow during the event to find anomalies and determine misconfiguration irregularities from a malicious activity.

DARPA intends to use gains from the hackathon such as code and algorithms for its Plan X program.

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