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Deborah Lee James: Cyber, Space Investments Challenge USAF

Deborah Lee James
Deborah Lee James

U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James has overviewed what she considers as the leading national and homeland security threats against the country, DoD News reported Saturday.

James told Fox News at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado that the Islamic State organization and Russia pose security challenges to the U.S., Amaani Lyle reports.

She said investments in cyber threats and space have become a significant issue to both the Air Force and the Defense Department, according to the report.

She also raised concerns that other nations are inching near the U.S. in terms of air force capabilities, the report says.

“My job is not to pick a fight with anybody… but my job is to make sure we’re ready,” James said.

“We’ve got to have the right people, the right training, the right capabilities today, and … invest in the future,” she added.

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