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Edward Cardon: Disparate Networks Remain a Challenge to Gov’t Cyber Efforts

Edward Cardon
Edward Cardon

Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, head of the U.S. Army Cyber Command, has described the government’s approach to building up the cyber workforce and the challenges the command faces in an interview with FCW published Monday.

Cardon told FCW’s Sean Lyngaas the command wants to form a team of cyber warriors based on skillsets and create what he calls cyber cells with specialized tasks to detect attackers within the Defense Department‘s network.

He said the effort to target hackers requires cyber information sharing with the private sector, according to the report.

Cardon added that the “cumbersome” regulatory process deters private companies from sharing data with the government and that disparate networks still pose a challenge to the government’s efforts to combat cyber attacks, Lyngaas writes.

He also pointed to the federal acquisition process as another barrier to collaboration between the Cyber Command and the private sector, FCW reports.

The Army cyber workforce protection teams will work to protect Army networks from attacks, the report says.

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