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Michael Rogers: Cybercom, NSA Need Private Sector’s Help for Cyber Defense

Adm. Michael Rogers
Adm. Michael Rogers

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, has said NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command need to forge partnerships with the commercial sector to protect data networks from cyber attacks, DoD News reported Tuesday.

Cheryl Pellerin writes Rogers, also Cybercom’s leader, told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado those partnerships could also help with information sharing.

“It is the ability of the private sector and the government to team together to generate better outcomes for the nation, not just for us but our allies as well,” Rogers said.

He discussed the Pentagon cybersecurity strategy issued by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in April and mentioned energy, communications, financial services, transportation and food supply as among the areas in the private sector that are vulnerable to such attacks, Pellerin reports.

Rogers also noted that NSA is also working to prevent such network threats from occurring by collecting insights worldwide on hackers’ activities in an effort to provide warnings to government agencies and enterprises, according to the publication.

“We have said that NSA will use its foreign intelligence mission to generate insights as to what key cyber actors around the world are doing,” he said.

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