Reports: 22M Federal Employees, Relatives & Contractors Compromised in OPM Hacks

cybersecurityThe Office of Personnel Management‘s impact assessment on the recent hacking of its records systems found that 22.1 million federal employees and contractors had their personal information compromised, ABC News reported Thursday.

Mike Levine and Jack Date write that the finding is more than OPM’s earlier estimate of 4.2 million former and current personnel whose Social Security numbers and other information may have been stolen.

The assessment detailed that the number of affected people also includes 19.7 million security clearance applicants and 1.8 million of their relatives and associates, the report said.

Ellen Nakashima also reports on the Washington Post that OPM’s findings cover both the breach on a repository of files for security clearances and background checks and a separate breach on a database of personnel records.

The report said approximately 3.6 million of the 22.1 million affected were in both systems.

Nakashima adds that the attacks also compromised 1.1 million sets of fingerprints, computer usernames and passwords as well as financial and health records.

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