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Reports: Senate to Push Back Cyber Info Sharing Bill Vote After August Recess

CyberStockThe Senate could push back voting on the proposed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act until fall as lawmakers face concerns on potential overreach and protracted talks on other pending bills, the National Journal reported Tuesday.

Kaveh Waddell writes that there are lingering concerns in the Senate on privacy, CISA’s effectiveness, White House support and potentially conflicting House bills that may delay a vote on CISA before the August recess.

CISA, which focuses on facilitating information-sharing between the government and private sector on cyber threats, still faces potentially lengthy partisan negotiations or attempts to propose new amendments, Waddell reports.

Senators may also decide to prioritize voting on bills for the Highway Trust Fund and to defund Planned Parenthood programs, the report said.

Cory Bennett also reports for The Hill newspaper that Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) acknowledged the “time crunch” to vote on CISA and indicated that Senate leadership plans to tackle the bill in September.

The Senate Intelligence Committee approved the measure on a 14-1 vote in March, the report said.

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