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Sens. Ron Johnson, Tom Carper Back Cyber Bill for Einstein Rollout Authorization

CongressSens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Tom Carper (D-Del.) have introduced a new bill to the Senate floor that would authorize the Department of Homeland Security to fully roll out a cyber defense tool, The Hill newspaper reported Tuesday.

Cory Bennett writes the Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act aims to authorize and facilitate the complete rollout of Einstein 3 Accelerated threat prevention tool across government.

“[FCEA] will make it far more difficult for our adversaries to steal our private data and to penetrate government networks,” said Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Einstein is a valuable tool that can help agencies detect and block cyber threats before they can cause too much harm,” added Carper, the committee’s ranking member.

Michael O’Connell of Federal News Radio reports that FCEA also includes provisions that require two-factor authentication, encryption and other cybersecurity best practices, agency network assessments by DHS and the Office of Management and Budget and annual status reports on Einstein implementation.

The report said Johnson’s committee earlier approved amendments authorizing the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to help conduct continued damage and risk assessments on the data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management.

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