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Daniel Goure: Network Security Consolidation, Automation Key to Defend DoD Cyber Systems

cybersecurityDaniel Goure, a vice president at the Lexington Institute, has offered the Defense Department six cybersecurity strategies to help ward off sophisticated threats to the department’s computer networks.

Goure said that DoD can leverage or repurpose existing security controls to provide extra support for the Defense Information Systems Agency-run Host-Based Security System.

He also proposed creating a connected security architecture that would run multiple applications and employ an open system and unified framework.

DoD should also establish a system management organization to oversee configuration control policies and the provision of security services across the department’s enterprise, according to Goure.

“New technologies and tactics, techniques and procedures are needed to detect anomalous behavior, minimize the duration of successful intrusions and mitigate the effects of successful attacks.”

He added he believes that automated threat detection and incident response tools can help the department counter threat actors who use purpose-built and targeted malicious programs.

Goure also recommended that DoD work with industry to accelerate development, fielding and integration of information technology products intended to strengthen cybersecurity.

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