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DARPA Pursues Materials Science Programs

research and development RDThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is exploring technology opportunities in the field of materials science as its Defense Sciences Office works to develop materials for usage in national security.

DARPA said Friday DSO is pursuing several programs that utilize existing tools and processes in materials science and facilitate new development.

“[We] are moving into an entirely new space, where materials are constructed from atoms on up, to have completely unheard of combinations of properties,” said DSO Director Stefanie Tompkins.

Some of the programs the office is currently working on are the Atoms to Product program, Materials with Controlled Microstructural Architecture program, Materials for Transduction program, Extended Solids program and Local Control of Materials Synthesis program.

“All of these programs reflect a fundamental shift from bulk-process to architected materials — a shift we believe has the potential to introduce a new ‘Designer Age’ of materials development,” Tompkins said.

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