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David Honey: ODNI Wants to Collaborate with Nontraditional Tech Firms

David Honey

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence seeks to enlist unconventional businesses to help address national security issues as part of ODNI’s science and technology strategic plan, Nextgov reported Monday.

“We want to have that outreach to the nontraditionals to include the uncleared performer community so that they can gain insight into what the challenges are that we face so that they can come forward with ideas,” David Honey, director of science and technology at ODNI, told Nextgov.

Honey said ride-sharing service company Uber, for example, may have scheduling algorithms that could aid in ODNI’s logistics operations.

He added intelligence agencies and industry partners use crowdsourcing to gather input on the five-year S&T strategy and work to match agency needs with privately-funded projects through a classified online portal.

ODNI is gathering businesses this week to develop tools for measuring the intelligence community’s progress toward addressing gap areas noted in the “Enhanced Processing and Management of Data from Disparate Sources” report, Honey told the publication.

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