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Defense News: Congress Eyes Long-Term Continuing Resolution to Fund Govt

Capitol_BuildingSome U.S. defense officials and analysts have warned that passing a yearlong continuing resolution could have serious implications for both the Pentagon and industry, Defense News reported Sunday.

Joe Gould and Aaron Mehta write that CRs allow the federal government to maintain operations at current funding levels for a certain period until Congress works out a budget agreement.

“Other parts of government have had continuing resolutions, and DoD has had shorter continuing resolutions, but never has DoD had a full-year continuing resolution,” Todd Harrison, a Center for Strategic and International Studies senior fellow, told the publication.

Robert Hale, a former comptroller of DoD and currently a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton, estimates that Pentagon could receive a budget that is $35 billion less than the department requested under a yearlong CR, according to the report.

Defense News cited a 2009 Government Accountability Office study that concluded that CRs result in “delays to certain activities, such as hiring, and repetitive work, including issuing multiple grants or contracts.”

Christine Wormuth, DoD undersecretary for policy, was quoted as saying that the department would prefer to see Congress develop a long-term sequestration relief than pass a CR.

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