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Lawrence Strickling: NTIA Adds One Year to IANA Contract with ICANN

NGENGlobeLawrence Strickling, National Telecommunications and Information Administration head, has announced the extension of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for another year.

Strickling said Monday ICANN will continue to transition the IANA control from NTIA to a group of technology stakeholders through Sept. 30, 2016 with options to extend the contract for another three years.

The NTIA administrator noted that the Internet’s global multistakeholder community needs more time to finish the work and the government to review the plan.

NTIA has requested a proposal from Verisign and ICANN on how to lift NTIA’s responsibility over the root zone management and maintain the security of the Internet’s domain name system, added Strickling.

The groups developing the transition documents took into consideration the period for public comment and government evaluation and implementation of the proposals, according to Strickling.

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