Ashton Carter: US Military Could Face $38B Deficit Under Full-Year CR

Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said a lack of a full annual budget from Congress would push the Defense Department to implement what he called “irresponsible” cuts to military programs, Defense News reported Wednesday.

“The longer a continuing resolution is, the worse it becomes, eventually resulting in a $38 billion deficit in resources for our military,” Carter told audience at the annual Air Force Association conference held Wednesday in Maryland.

He called on Congress to pass an appropriations bill to support DoD’s efforts to innovate, attract skilled people and address national security threats.

During his speech, Carter also noted that U.S.’ land defense, contingency response, counterterrorism and cybersecurity strategies have remained sound despite the Pentagon spending cuts under sequestration, according to a report by DoD News.

“Every strategic decision we make should be a step toward keeping us safe, protecting our country and protecting our allies and friends,” he added, the publication reports.

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