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Deltek’s Alex Rossino: Hybrid Cloud Deployment, Data Mgmt Trends Drive Gov’t IT Activity

cloudAlex Rossino, a principal research analyst at Deltek, has identified three cloud computing trends that have started to take place in the federal information technology sector.

Rossino wrote in a blog post published Tuesday that there has been an increase in the deployment of both public and private cloud infrastructures across federal agencies in fiscal year 2015.

He also mentioned the association of cloud security with the agencies’ need to manage data as seen in the employment of chief data officers and development of guidance and policies on data management.

“This trend points to a heightened awareness by agencies that if they are going to migrate data to commercial providers, they need to establish tighter control over how that data is stored, accessed, and used,” Rossino wrote.

“Whether or not a CDO has been hired, data management guidance is in development all over the government and, most importantly for industry, it is finding its way into cloud RFPs as security clauses and requirements.”

Another trend that Rossino cited is what he refers to as stable growth in the number of cloud readiness initiatives among agencies between fiscal years 2011 and 2015.

He noted that such a trend means agencies have started to utilize tools and services offered by government contracting firms in an effort to help facilitate their migration to cloud environments.

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