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DOE Unveils $102M in Clean Energy Investments; Ernest Moniz Comments

Ernest Moniz
Ernest Moniz

The Energy Department has pumped more than $102 million into new initiatives to further the government’s clean energy goals.

DOE will allocate $50 million of that investment for solar photovoltaic technology research and marketing efforts, the department said Wednesday.

Part of that money will be used also to finance 22 new collaboration projects between companies, non-profit organizations, universities and national laboratories with the goal of expanding the public’s access to solar energy.

“The projects announced today will help more communities nationwide reach the goals laid out in the Clean Power Plan, while ensuring that America continues to lead the world in clean energy innovation,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

The department will direct other portions of the investment to projects intended to improve solar hardware degradation rates, address concentrated solar power plant sub-system challenges, eliminate red tape and develop new solar tools.

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