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GAO: NTIA Needs Framework to Review Internet Domain Name Transition Proposal

cybersecurityThe Government Accountability Office has suggested frameworks the National Telecommunications and Information Administration could use to evaluate a proposal that would facilitate the transfer of control over Internet domain names from NTIA to a global community of stakeholders.

GAO said in an August report NTIA needs measures to review a transition proposal against objectives such as the maintenance of the domain name system’s security.

NTIA is set to evaluate the proposed document that working groups of stakeholders plan to submit to the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers later this year, GAO noted.

ICANN is a nonprofit organization that oversees Internet technical functions through a contract with NTIA.

GAO suggested one structure that contains risk assessment, monitoring and organizational environment as components that could help NTIA evaluate accountability measures in the transition proposal and if the proposal satisfies its core objectives.

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