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Kevin Powell: GSA Takes Part in DOE’s Interior Lighting Campaign Through Green Proving Ground Program

green earth, environmentThe General Services Administration has taken part as an organizing partner in the Energy Department’s Interior Lighting Campaign through its Green Proving Ground initiative.

GSA’s GPG program seeks to evaluate early-stage technology platforms that intend to enhance the environmental performance of commercial and federal facilities under the agency’s building portfolio, Kevin Powell,GPG program director, writes in a GSA blog post published Wednesday.

Powell notes that GPG has asked Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to assess two new lighting control initiatives – Wireless Advanced Lighting Controls and LED Fixtures with Integrated Advanced Lighting Controls.

The Wireless ALC platform works to control LED or fluorescent lighting systems with dimming functions, while LED Fixtures with Integrated ALC is a plug-and-play system that uses daylight and occupancy sensors to determine light levels, according to the report.

LBNL found a 54 percent reduction in lighting consumption when dimmable fluorescent lamps were retrofitted with Wireless ALC and nearly 80 percent for LED lighting systems with Wireless ALC retrofit at two federal buildings in California.

For LED Fixtures with Integrated Controls, the laboratory found a 69 percent reduction in energy use at GSA buildings.

Powell reports that GSA backs DOE’s ILC through recommendations for interior lighting systems deployment as the campaign aims to install 100,000 units of troffer lighting fixtures by May 2016.

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