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Richard Danzig: Analog Platforms Could Help in ‘Cyber Physical Threats’ Defense

cyberRichard Danzig, member of the Defense Policy Board and a RAND executive, has told Defense Systems government agencies should not fully abandon the use of analog computer systems.

Danzig said in an interview published Tuesday he believes an analog platform can protect physical infrastructure such as power grids and steel manufacturing plants from what he calls “cyber physical threats,” David C. Walsh writes.

“If you have an analog system, you gain a significant measure of protection if it at least informs you about what’s happening, so the attacker can’t control both your system and your ability to perceive your system,” Danzig told Defense News.

The former Navy secretary also said agencies need to establish safeguards against cyber threats through diversity in civilian power systems and further adoption of encryption.

“Moving to use more analog in a complementary way, creating separated enclaves, avoiding a computer digital monoculture where everything runs in the same system and therefore has common vulnerability, and more and better encryption are all examples of things that make it notably harder for the attacker,” Danzig added.

Click here to read Danzig’s full interview.

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