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Shaun Donovan, Matthew Hancock: US, UK Tech Teams to Collaborate on Digital Services

digital governmentThe White House and the U.K. government have moved to expand collaboration between the two countries’ technical groups in an effort to improve the delivery of digital services and share best practices on digital operations.

Office of Management and Budget director Shaun Donovan and federal chief technology officer Megan Smith announced the alliance in a White House blog published Thursday to coincide with the U.S. visits of Matthew Hancock, U.K. cabinet office minister; and Liam Maxwell, British chief technology officer.

“By leveraging the very best of our two nations’ technical and digital talent, we’ll continue enhancing our governments’ ability to deliver critical services like healthcare, veterans benefits, and access to higher education, to American and British citizens alike,” said Donovan.

“By sharing knowledge and exchanging skillsets we build digital teams that are the best they can be,” Hancock said.

“I look forward to leading the next phase of [U.K. Government Digital Service] – transatlantic cooperation will be important in helping the digital operations in both the U.K. and U.S. government’s scale up and succeed,” Hancock added.

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