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Terry Halvorsen: DoD Seeks Greater Financial Costs for Hackers

Terry Halvorsen
Terry Halvorsen

Pentagon CIO Terry Halvorsen seeks to work with industry to shift cost burdens of cybersecurity on hackers that try to attack Defense Department systems, FCW reported Wednesday.

Sean Lyngaas writes that Halvorsen pegged the cost of DoD cyber defenses at approximately $44 billion per year in remarks to the AFCEA Nova conference.

“From a standpoint of cybersecurity, right now we’re on the wrong side of the financial spectrum here,” Halvorsen said, according to the report.

Halvorsen highlighted what he views as challenges in work to adopt automation methods and technologies for cybersecurity and software integration, the report said.

Lyngaas reports Halvorsen also outlined several cyber-related initiatives at DoD, including the six-month stints of DoD civilian employees at private-sector companies and the mobile device access to top-secret information.

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