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FBI Calls on Businesses, Online Users to Adopt 2-Factor Authentication

cyberThe FBI has urged small- and medium-sized businesses and other online users to use two-factor authentication in order to protect their personal information from cyber criminals.

Internet users should adopt TFA as more cyber threat actors use social engineering, password guessing, keyloggers and other technical tools to secure other individuals’ passwords, the FBI said Monday.

The bureau said banking sites, social media platforms and e-mail service providers offer TFA as a free service in which they would require users to generate strong passwords and send new PINs through text messages.

“However, using TFA does not mean you don’t have to take extra care with your password: make it unique to your life but something not easily guessed, use a different one for each online account, write it down and store in a safe place away from your computer, and change it several times a year,” the bureau suggested.

The cyber tip is part of FBI’s participation in the celebration of the 2015 National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

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