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Frank Kendall: Lawmakers Removed NDAA’s Acquisition Reform Language Under Debate

Frank Kendall
Frank Kendall

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall said the acquisition reform language under debate in the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for 2016 have mostly been removed following talks between lawmakers, Defense News reported Tuesday.

Aaron Mehta writes that Kendall told his audience at a Defense One event that the Defense Department will further review the final language in the bill and assess its impact.

Kendall noted that he sees no impact on the Pentagon staff size and structure of the Defense Acquisition Board, the report said.

He raised concerns earlier this year on the language of some NDAA provisions that give greater authority on contract decisions to military service chiefs.dec 2 media image

He added that a long-term continuing resolution in the absence of an approved 2016 budget will also heavily impact procurement programs as DoD works to prioritize operations and readiness.

The report said acquisition officers for the military services pointed to lost business, including an $11 billion loss for the U.S. Navy and 400 affected programs for the U.S. Army.

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