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Harry Harris: North Korea a Threat as Pacific Command Works on APAC Rebalance

Adm. Harry Harris Jr.
Adm. Harry Harris Jr.

Adm. Harry Harris Jr., commander of U.S. Pacific Command, believes the unpredictability of Kim Jong Un makes North Korea Pacom’s biggest challenge as part of the Asia-Pacific rebalance efforts, DoD News reported Saturday.

Jim Garamone writes that Harris said at a Military Reporters and Editors Association event that Kim’s plan to develop nuclear weapon capabilities presents a threat to nearby countries and eventually to Hawaii and the continental U.S.

Harris noted that the Asia-Pacific region’s economic and military size impact U.S. interests and drive the rebalance program.

“The presence of our joint military forces in key locations throughout the region underpins the rules-based international order and provides opportunity to engage with other countries while being positioned to respond to crises,” he said.

The report said Harris highlighted U.S. peace and security cooperation efforts with South Korea and Japan and dialogue with China on areas of agreement and disagreement.

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