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John Hickey Outlines DISA’s Cybersecurity Priorities

Defense Information Systems Agency DISAJohn Hickey, risk management executive and chief information officer at Defense Information Systems Agency, has cited the Joint Regional Security Stacks program as the agency’s top cybersecurity priority at present, C4ISR & Networks reported Thursday.

Hickey described JRSS as the regional security capability the Defense Department uses to protect what he calls the east-west traffic from within the DoD Information Network, Amber Corrin reports.

“The ability to change signatures, the enemy’s ability to change how they’re coming at us, that’s high on our list from a priority standpoint,” Hickey told C4ISR & Networks.

“We look at everything all the way down to the endpoint,” he added.

Corrin writes DISA also focuses on protecting Internet access points as part of the agency’s cybersecurity goals.

“We need the capacity to stay up with those signatures, and we use big data analytics to analyze changes in the environment that we can recognize from the signatures, and maybe deviations or derivatives of that signature, to stay up on what could come next,” Hickey told C4ISR & Networks.

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