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Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh: Marines Eye Capacity Trade-Off for Cyber Capability

NavyC5ISRLt. Gen. Robert Walsh, the U.S. Marine Corps‘ deputy commandant for combat development and integration, believes that cyber will be a major focus of investment for the future force, USNI News reported Wednesday.

John Grady writes that Walsh told a Center for Strategic and International Studies-hosted event that the service branch has looked into potential trade-offs in capacity to build capabilities in areas such as cyber.

The Marine Corps will also update combat concepts and programs under the Expeditionary Force 21 strategy, including the digitization of forces and the big-picture approach to operations, the report said.

Scott Maucione also reported for Federal News Radio that Walsh has indicated plans to apply cyber and command-and-control technologies to link land and sea forces and integrate U.S. seapower.

“We’ve been on land for so long that we’ve got all our systems that work so well on land, they are not able to communicate with the shipboard command and controls,” Walsh said.

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