New WH Innovation Strategy Includes Advanced Manufacturing, Precision Medicine, Supercomputing Projects

WhiteHouseThe Obama administration has updated its strategy to help public and private organizations to address the most pressing challenges and boost economy of the U.S. through innovation.

The White House said Wednesday its Strategy for American Innovation outlines federal investments in the advanced manufacturing, precision medicine, neuroscience, autonomous vehicle, smart cities, clean energy, space, education and computing areas.

The administration supports development of new production methods through the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation and invests in health information technology though the Precision Medicine Initiative.

President Obama set aside more than $300 million to fund the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies Initiative and proposed investing more in efforts to build autonomous, connected and self-driving cars in fiscal 2016.

Obama’s fiscal 2016 budget also includes more than $30 million for smarter city projects, $50 million for learning technology development programs and another $1.2 billion for a NASA-run commercial spaceflight program.

The White House also launched the National Strategic Computing Initiative in a move to encourage research into high-performance computing architectures.

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